all of our trainers have one thing in common:
they are living the #noexcuses life to the fullest! and they are quite nice also

Coach K


The founding father of the NoExcuses Co.mmunity. Feared by some loved by some and hated by... some? Come and see for yourself. One thing is sure – your excuses will instantly be removed and turned into sweat, smiles and tears when you got coach in your life!



Ants are stronger than elephants, right?
Well, JFK is very strong and wants you to be the same! Dont get mad at her for having high hopes and ambitions on your behalf. Before JFK joined the team she had (and might still have) the records of most NO EXCUSES sessions with Coach K. Enjoy your training with JFK!



Dont mistake her aura of calmness for calm/easy training – she is just plotting some very evil and hardcore workouts for you. Amalie loves working out, being in outside in the nature, being active and constantly challenging herself – both mentally and physically. Work hard and the results will inevitably show. Enjoy your training with A!



We still don’t really know whether LEO trained, mountain-biked, climbed or did handstand when he was born, but he is a master of all of the above. LEO will always challenge your balance, core og coordination skills. You will thank him later on when you master all of the above.
Looking hard as a rock, but he is soft as a teddy. Enjoy your training with Leo!